Solar pumping system mainly consists of PV modules, solar pumping controller / inverter and water pumps, Solar panels convert sunlight to electrical energy which is passed to the solar pump controller, The solar controller stabilizes the voltage and output power to drive the pump motor, Even on cloudy days,it can pump 10% water flow per day. Sensors are also connected to the controller to protect the pump from running dry as well as to automatically stop the pump working when the tank is full.

Solar panel collects sunlight→DC electricity energy → solar controller (rectification,stabilization,amplification,filtering)→available DC electricity→(charge the batteries) →pumping water


solar powered water pumps are mainly used in:

1. Irrigation of agriculture.

2. Drinking water and living water.

3. Remote areas, farming

4. Fountains.

5. Swimming pool circulation and filtration.


– MPPT: Maximum Power Point Tracking

– DSP: Digital Signal Processing

– Running Speed Control: stepless speed regulation

– Timing function: Set pump running time

– Over current protection: Motor stops automatically when stucked

– Soft starting protection: Protect the motor & bearing

– Lack of water protection: Restart Automatically upon the Water Level

– Low-voltage / Over-voltage protection: Protect the motor & controller

– Reverse voltage protection: Circuit breaking automatically when reverse connection

– Short-circuit protection: Automatically stops when Short wiring of motor


– The efficiency is improved 25% by the permanent magnetism,direct current, brushless, non-sensor motor.

– Adopt double plastic package for rotor and stator,motor insulation ≥300MΩ,the motor security was much improved.

– 100% copper wire, DW-300 cold-rolled silicon steel sheet.

– Stainless steel 304 & 316 shaft , motor body, screw.

Solar Pump 180W - 24V - 1.8m3/h - 60M

  • flow: 1.8m3/h
  • head: 60m
  • voltage: DC24v
  • power: 180w
  • outlet: 27mm

Hybrid Solar Pump AC/DC 1400W

  • flow: 1.8m3/h
  • head: 60m
  • voltage: DC:90-430v, AC: 80-280v
  • power: 2.6kw
  • outlet: 90mm

Solar dry water pump 1200m3/hour

  • flow: 10~1200m3/h
  • head: 5~25m
  • Rated Voltage: 380V(660V)
  • power: 1.5~550kw
  • Diameter of pass solids: 20~145mm

Solar Pump 750W - 48V -12M3/h - 30M

  • flow: 12m3/h
  • head: 30m
  • voltage: DC48v
  • power: 750w
  • outlet: 45mm

Hybrid Solar Pump AC/DC 1500W

  • flow: 15.9m3/h
  • head: 35m
  • voltage: DC:90-430v, AC: 80-280v
  • power: 2.6kw
  • outlet: 90mm

Solar dry water pump 8000m3/hour

  • flow: 10~8000m3/h
  • head: 5~60m
  • Rated Voltage: 380V(660V)
  • power: 1.5~315kw
  • Diameter of pass solids: 20~145mm

Hybrid Solar Pump AC/DC 2600W

  • flow: 36m3/h
  • head: 43m
  • voltage: DC:90-430v, AC: 80-280v
  • power: 2.6kw
  • outlet: 90mm

Solar Pump 15 HP

  • flow: 80m3/h
  • head: 80m
  • voltage: DC:90-430v, AC: 80-280v
  • power: 15HP
  • outlet: 90mm

Solar dry water pump 350m3/hour

  • flow: 80~350m3/h
  • head: 5~30m
  • Rated Voltage: 380V(660V)
  • power: 1.5~145kw
  • Diameter of pass solids: 90~120mm