Portable Mobile Power Bank with Inverter 1000w Manufacturer DC to AC

Products Instruction:

1. 1000w continuous pure sine wave output and 2000w peak power

2. We provide frequency 50HZ or 60HZ

3. All kinds of output voltage 100vac/110vac/120vac/220vac/230vac/240vac

4. Built-in high-capacity long-life lithium battery

5. Over-voltage, low voltage, overload, over-temperature, short-circuit protection

6. With LED Lighting 8W

Products Specification:

Model SIPS-1000
Inverter AC output Ouput Rated Power 1000W
Ouput Peak Power 2000W
Waveform Pure sine wave
Frequency 50HZ±3 or 60HZ±3
Ouput Voltage 100V-120VAC±5% 220V-240VAC±5%
Output Outlet Universal(Japan,USA,UK,Europe, Austrial optional)
Soft start yes
Protect Over-voltage, low voltage, overload, over-temperature, short-circuit
DC Output USB -A  5V 2.4A Fast charging *1
USB- B QC3.0 Super-fast charging *1
Type-c PD Standard, input/output support 60W:5V3A,9V3A,12V3A,15V3A,20V3A
DC Socket(6530) 12VDC*2 /10A output
Cigarette output DC12V/10A
DC Input Solar Charger(6530) PWM charger max 15A
Grid Charger (6530) Power Adapter 10A
AC Input Grid Input With UPS function
LED light LED Lighting 8W
Switch DC12V output switch,USB switch,Inverter switch,LED light switch(press 3S to on/off)
Display Display type LED Intelligent display
Display content Battery capacity, battery voltage, output voltage, output waveform, frequency, AC load percent, USB status, DC outpu status, LED light status, grid charger working status, solar charging status, blue tooth status
Lithium Battery Battery type 18650/2.6AH LiO2 battery cell
Capacity 1000WH
Battery Voltage Range 12.6V-16.8V
Min Charging Current 5A
Max continous Charging Current 65A
Max continous Discharge Current 100A
Max Peak Discharge Current 200A(60S)
Cooling Way Intelligent Fan
Working Temperature (0℃+60℃)
Storage Temperature (-20℃ – 70℃)
Humidity Max 90%,Non-condensing
Warantee 2 Years
Size 300*237*161mm