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The This new “PF1” inverter standards for Power Factor 1.0 version of the PIP-HS and PIP-MS inverter family.  All features on the PF1 series are nearly identical to the PIP-HS and MS and also retain all the useful functions such as generator starter dry contact, as well as support to parallel operation (only on 48v models, now up to 9 units).

It is very important to note that the PF1 versions, despite similarity to the original PF0.8 PIP-HS and PIP-MS inverters, cannot work together in parallel with the PF0.8 models.   To avoid any confusion, model names have been changed on the PF1.0 to differentiate.  All parallel units MUST have the same model name.

ttery chargers.

Product features

  • NEW! Power factor 1.0
  • NEW! Parallel-ready up to 9 units (48v models only, require parallel kit to work)
  • NEW! Equalization up to 64V (on special high voltage 48v models only)
  • NEW! Bulk charge (C.V.) setting time
  • Available from 1-3KW/24V and 4-5KW/48V
  • High frequency pure sine wave output, light-weight design
  • Built-in MPPT and PWM solar chargers
  • Programmable modes on LCD, e.g. AC priority vs. Solar(DC) priority
  • Adjustable Bulk/Float charging voltage
  • Support lead acid and other batteries
  • Indoor installation only
  • 3-stage battery charger (max 60A on 48v models only)
  • 2x surge capacity
  • Wide AC input ranges
  • LCD + LED indicators
  • FREE monitoring software
  • Built-in generator starter dry-contact
    +Using Generator as AC-Input
    • Generator size should be sized at least 150% larger than the inverter rating to reduce chances of overload.
    • Inverter-generator is recommended due to its cleaner output than conventional generators.  Unsuitable generator output may be rejected by the inverter.

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